Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week of December 28, 2014

Hello, NKP!  It’s been great getting to know you these past couple of weeks.  Thank you so much for the many tasty meals, the visits and offers to help unbox our lives, and the warm welcome with impeccable hospitality.  Thank you for letting me worship with you before my official start-date; for letting my family and I join the worship and work of New Kirk Presbyterian apart from the role of pastoral ministry.  Especially, I thank you for letting me play in the band, finding instant koinonia with brothers and sisters in Christ who share a most sacred language--music.  

Now, excitement brims as our first “official” Sunday approaches.
 There are many experiences ahead for us as we learn to seek God together.  I’m grateful to be on the journey with each of you and relish the thought of living life together in Christ here at New Kirk Presbyterian.

Before us are many firsts: our first worship together (with me as pastor); an installation service; our first session meeting with me as moderator; our first meetings together as committees; our first explorations together in all God has planned for this “oasis” of God’s grace and discipleship for all NKP’s members, present and future; many firsts, indeed.  In my short stint of ministry, I’ve learned the importance of Mark 10.15.  Other traditions call this concept “beginner’s mind.”  I come to you, then, not with answers but, rather, as one who promises to never fear vulnerability.  In all we do together, I’ll never seek more than to live out fully those questions that drive my passion and, therefore, my very life, trusting fully in the gospel of Jesus Christ for ground upon which to stand.  This is not a wager; nor is it a pledge.  No: it’s an invitation! an invitation for you to embark with me on a new adventure--one where we will together put ourselves in God’s way that we might encounter God in our everyday lives, living life now and forever to the fullest.

As with all things, eventually there’ll be rhythm.  God’ll give the rhyme.  Let’s move together in soul-freeing dance.  I long to meet with you, to laugh with you, to cry with you; to dream with you; but, I long most to discover and re-discover God with you at NKP!

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