Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week of January 11, 2015

Okay, so I’m officially your pastor now.  Hey, it feels great!  Thanks so very much (a) for coming back out to church for round two on Sunday--some of you even cut short some special outings to be back and participate, which meant the world to those who worked hard to secure this pastoral relationship and to me, personally--and (b) for a wonderful reception afterwards with great pick-ups, dips, and desserts.

I had the good fortune to meet with the Blythewood Area Ministers Association (BAMA) on Tuesday. What a great group of pastors and church leaders! Having been involved with these groups before, I can truly say that this particular time in the life of that organization just seems to have the Spirit's moves and the Father's hand all over it, as we meet together in Christ's name. Approaching Martin Luther King, Jr. day, God's pleasure among this diverse group brought to mind the very vision given to that modern-day prophet--a dream which he and Mr. Hughes can rest assured today, at least in the ministry of Jesus Christ, was never, is not, nor ever will be deferred. Our Father in Christ is the very God of at-one-ment. We're not only reconciled to God; but, in that death and resurrection of Christ, we have been reconciled to one another.

Session meets soon, and I must say that I'm looking forward to a great experiment with the Ruling Elders. What if business as usual around here were a great sensitivity and a passionate search to encounter Christ in all facets of administration? Hmm. Can't wait to find out!

Well, with January quickly closing, keep a lookout for great things to come in this church. The Souper Bowl is right around the corner, so I look forward to having fun easing, however little, the plight of the hungry with you. We'll celebrate a great Scouting program in an upcoming service of worship. I can tell you from meeting with the CE Committee that we're cooking up some exciting ways to worship and grow together in more ways than Sunday, beginning with a cool new program during the Lenten season.

God is at work! Listen. Seek to follow Christ so that we're all built up in love and faith.

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