Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week of March 8, 2015

This week we explored the idea of "A Call to a New Call" using 2 Chronicles 7 and 2 Kings 20.  The concept of being chosen stood out to us.  God chose the temple. If we read Isaiah (the prophet of 2 Kings 20) closely, we will notice that the idea of being chosen is central to Isaiah's ministry.  

With this idea of being chosen, we ask ourselves a few questions:
How do chosen people act?  What do chosen people do?  If I am chosen, what is expected of me?

A formula of sorts emerges from these two passages.  It looks something like this:
Formula for the Chosen:
  1. Humble Yourself
  2. Become Prayerful
  3. Seek God’s Face
  4. Change Your Ways 
In our WOW program this week, we'll focus on a way to exercise this formula very practically.  Something we do a lot of these days is sitting; so, I'd like to offer a way to sit with this formula.

Read through this and then give it a try.


How to Sit
  1. Sit with eyes closed or at least open and not wandering or focusing on anything.

  2. Observe your body doing what bodies do. Don’t strive. Just stop. It doesn’t need your help. Just observe. Ears hear. Eyes see. Tongues taste. Noses smell. Nerves feel. Just simply notice these, but do not focus on any. Be wrapped in stillness as in a blanket.

  3. Now, move your intention to your desires, and simply watch. Do not judge. Just as the body’s senses do what they do and you simply observe them, now simply observe your desires. Don’t fear. Don’t shun. Don’t be proud. Don’t be relieved. Just simply look at them. Watch. Observe and sit. Sit still. Sit stilled.

  4. Move your intention now to ask, “Where do I observe God’s presence?” Remain simply sitting. Stilled. Do not seek an answer. Observe whatever arises, even if nothing is the thing that arises. Then, simply observe nothing. Do not judge. Just watch. Look at it.

  5. Now, feel into that observation. Observe how your desires and your body respond to whatever arises at the question. Don’t judge. Simply let it be whatever it is.

  6. Continue watching. Watch as though you’re watching the ocean surf come in and go out on the beach. If your mind wants to get busy, just watch and observe your mind being busy. Try breathing with the rhythm of the surf: things come in without my help; things go out without my help. If you need, revisit the question: “Where do I observe God’s presence?”

  7. Before transitioning to the next moment, continue observing what arises. Remain in this new way of humility, this new way of prayerfulness, this new way of seeking God’s face, and do so without any judgement. Just simply observe what arises, knowing you can always sit if you ever find you have veer from the way. 

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