Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week of May 17, 2015

What do you write when the words aren't there?  The obvious answer: nothing.  Yet, these posts are part of a weekly newsletter.  Thus, I'll write about the obvious...

Writing when words won't seem to come.

I'll be brief (by necessity).  Forget writing.  Let's think on pertinent matters, like "prayer."  There're many ways to pray.  Fundamentally, we walk through the structure Jesus demonstrated:

Alright, (endearing term for parent) in eternity,
You're where all things are from, and your Way is set apart;
but, not a moment longer! May your Way become our Way right here, right now.
Whatever we have now, it's enough because it's from you where you are.
Your Way is forgiveness.  Forgiveness, then, is our Way now.
You're our only hope of staying in this Way.

(My adaptation of Luke 11.1-4)

Words are sometimes difficult to conjure in prayer.  In such moments, it's best to approach prayer effortlessly, making no attempt to construct a prayer.  Instead of saying the Lord's Prayer or using it as a model to make words, maybe simply sitting with it will get us just as close or closer to its spiritual intent.  Sitting with the Lord's Prayer in our wordless moments, the above italicized words aren't thought, aren't written, and definitely aren't spoken.  Rather, the italicized represents a vector of prayer.  To sit with this prayer is to simply "Way" this prayer.  These words are a mere representation of our intent in those moments.

The key here is to not get into a struggle with yourself over should've, would've, could've stuff.

 "There can only be a relationship between human beings when we accept what is, not what should be." --Jiddu Krishnamurti

J Krishnamurti's words, I believe, apply just as much to one's relationship with themselves.  When thinking precedes reality, there's but two options: acknowledge the thinking, or be utilized by the thinking.

I'll end here...

"Be utilized by the thinking" means that thinking remains hidden, and one believes the direction of the thinking is the direction of reality.  Thus, we talk of self-fulfilled prophecy.

"Acknowledge the thinking" means that one awakens to thinking and recognizes that thinking is just thinking, as breathing is just breathing or heartbeats are just beating.  Thus, one discovers another Way, another reality--one with no beginning and no ending.

Somehow, that simple act (to cease struggling against myself) "Ways" the mode Christ was communicating to his disciples here and elsewhere.  It is the effortless, rest-giving way.

So, I rest in the feeling of "words won't seem to come" I complete this writing.

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