Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week of August 9, 2015

I always like this time of year.  Maybe it's the idea of this time of year: football season kicking off; fall weather cooling down the dog days; the welcomed shift back into the school rhythm; and, the ever-approaching festivals and holidays.  Sure, it helps that between late September and early November my whole household will have celebrated a birthday.

You know, people are what make these ideas come alive for me--the thought of being with people.
 Football is best when the players are energized by a Monday, Thursday, or weekend crowd.  Cooler weather gets folks out and about.  School establishes networks of friends and communities.  The holidays make for wonderful gatherings.  Too, there's nothing like celebrating someone on their birthday over food and dessert with friends and family.  I guess without people, nothing would be worth doing.

New Kirk Presbyterian is nothing more than the very people comprising her.  We say it every week, and we truly mean it: God has brought you here for some reason; we hope you'll search that out with us.  New Kirk Presbyterian will never be better than--will only be as good as--the very folks gathered together to be the church.  The elders and the church staff, along with the diligent labor of our committees, want to create every opportunity possible for us to gather.

Keep watch on the e-newsletter, bulletins, and other announcements in worship to discover the many ways you can be church with New Kirk Presbyterian.  Here are some ways off the top of my head:

Adult Sunday School, 9:15am
Worship each week, 10:30am
Youth Group, Sundays, 5:30pm
Youth Band, Practice times TBA
Worship Band, Practice Thursdays, 5:30pm
Want to serve on committee?
Feel called to lead as an elder?
Work in the Community Garden
Men's Breakfast Group, Cracker Barrel (Farrow Rd.), Fridays, 7:00am
Women's Bible Study Group, New Kirk Pres., Thursdays, 10:00am
Bible Study Group, Wednesdays, 6:00pm
Sign up in the lobby for a Table of Friends group
Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts Program, Mondays

21 AUG - "Holy Smokes! Family Night" including New Kirk's Got Talent show, 6pm
20 SEP thru 11 OCT - Evaluate and re-dedicate your membership and stewardship
Beginning mid-September, Worship on Wednesdays (WoW), 5:30pm (Supper, Groups, Worship)
25 OCT - Pumpkins & Pizza Halloween Party!

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