Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week of September 20, 2015

Into our first week of Stewardship, we now quickly approach our second.  We hope you're aware that we're into the throes of the campaign now.  Letters should've arrived at your homes.  Three committees have shared their work and hopes for the coming year.  This week, you'll hear from the rest of the committees.  Next week, October 4, you'll witness the elders of the church make their pledge.  The final week of the campaign, October 11, will be your time to pledge.

The above is crucial to the Stewardship Campaign, but by now, hopefully, you see that Christian stewardship is more than money.
Last week, we framed stewardship.  Put simply, it rests in the knowledge that God is passionately pursuing us--loving us and wanting a relationship with us.  What's more, it rests in the knowledge that, regardless of who I am or what I've done, God loves me and meets me right where I am.  That's the Alpha and Omega of the deal: Jesus Christ.

This week, we will look into the life of the church.  You, beloved-of-God, are the church.  James 5.13-20 will teach us the centrality of prayer in all this.  We'll see that stewardship becomes taking inventory of the church, prayer, and faith.  Church is the only true expression of healing and forgiveness in the world.  Prayer is the only true way for of the church.  Faith is the only true prayer.  Come Sunday to explore!

I keep it short this week because words and ideas for the next few weeks need to cease while each of us examine our membership in Christ's church.  Let this be a season of listening.

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