Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week of February 7, 2016

We continue the march through Covey's seven habits.

Habit 6 - Synergize

This one is the simplest, as it should be.  We've spent the last five weeks dealing with Habits 1-5.  They've brought us to this point.

Synergy happens when multiple perspectives combine to create unforeseen solutions.  We spoke about the "third option" in an earlier post.  "Third options" come out of synergy.  Synergy just doesn't come out of nowhere, though.

For synergy to happen, there must be an environment that welcomes synergy.  An environment that welcomes synergy exists when at least one party intentionally and with full integrity creates it.  Covey talked in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, about intrapersonal synergy and interpersonal synergy.

INTRApersonal synergy exists when a person has integrated habits 1-3 into their personal landscape.  That means they know choosing is always their lot.  They've made a big choice as to the overall direction of their life, and they make momentary choices that keep their bearings on the big choice.  That's integrity.  That's resolve.  That's intrapersonal synergy.

INTERpersonal synergy exists when a person with intrapersonal synergy actively engages in problem solving with other people.  Out of their intrapersonal synergy, they think nothing but win/win.  They understand, though, that in order for both parties to win, they must understand the other party completely.  To understand the other party completely is to do so with integrity, resolve, and true intentions.  A person with intrapersonal synergy really does want to understand fully the perspective of the other.  (For a timely article on the importance of this very sentence, check out this quick-read.)  With habits 1-5 now in order, synergy (habit 6), happens!  The whole, now, is greater than the sum of its parts; and, a GREATER YOU and a GREATER ME is always the point.

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