Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week of July 31, 2016

There's a lot of exciting things happening around New Kirk Presbyterian!  Instead of giving you mind-twisting paragraphs today, I thought it worthwhile to just take a few moments to inform you of some great opportunities happening now or in the works!  Let's begin.

Back-to-School Tent Event.  Today (August 3, 2016) is a good opportunity for churches in the Blythewood area.  Thanks to the coordination of the Blythewood Area Ministers Association (BAMA) and the hard work and coordination of local churches, children in Blythewood have an opportunity to come to the farmer's market, meet folks from various churches, and receive all the school supplies they need for the year.  This happens from 4 P.M. to 7 P.M.

New Kirk's Got Talent 2016.  Friday will be a fantastic evening!  As of now, we have eleven different acts scheduled.  Want in?  Click here!  We'll have a soundcheck tomorrow at 7 P.M.  Come a few minutes early, grab a drink and a snack, and celebrate the talent God has given NKP!

Young Adults.  We had our first gathering last weekend where we enjoyed a Columbia Fireflies game.  Our hope is to have some sort of a young adult gathering each month.  Now, who are young adults?  There's but one requirement: you must be out of high school.  As for the cap on age, "youth" is a state of mind.  If you're wondering whether or not you're a young adult, you're definitely one.  More to come!

Youth.  Our youth program is strong, balanced, and doing great ministry.  To see what's happening this week in youth, please click here!

Children.  We're building and rebuilding our ministries around our strategic plan.  Hot on our radar is the children's program.  Just as we've restructured the youth program into a family-led, balanced program on the four pillars of fun, lessons, missions, and fellowship, we may move toward a similar setup with the children's program.  Keep watch, and please share your ideas or your willingness to help!  In the meantime, we'll have regular opportunities for children to gather through Worship on Wednesdays (WoW) programs and through various fellowship activities.

Men's Group.  Every Friday at the Cracker Barrel off Farrow Road, the men of NKP gather around the same table, usually served by the same waitress ("Tee") who knows all our orders before we sit down, to pray together and discuss our latest topic.  THERE'S NO WRONG TIME TO JOIN THE GROUP!  Why not try this Friday?  We meet at 7 A.M. and usually finish at 8 A.M. sharp.

Women's Group.  Every Thursday around 10 A.M., there's a group of women from the community beyond our church family meeting in the lobby of NKP.  They enjoy various studies, books, and topics.  It's a great place for women to study, share, and fellowship with each other.

Wednesday Night Bible Study.  This is one of the longest-running small groups at NKP.  I believe they've been meeting together since the early days when church meetings took place in people's homes.  This group is open to anyone!  They enjoy a variety of Biblical books and topics each Wednesday night from 6:30 P.M. until 7:30 P.M.  The group has paused for the summer but will begin again very soon!

Good Beer, Great News!  Recently, I joined the leadership rotation of a really cool weekly Bible study over at Southern Brewed off Sparkleberry Road.  I tell you, that place is my "jam"!  What a super cool space over there.  The owners, Tim and Tammie, are members at Blythewood Presbyterian, and they have a real heart for the Lord.  There's a rotation of seven leaders from differing backgrounds.  Some are pastors.  Others are normal. :) This is a place where I go to get fed...and quenched.  You don't have to like beer.  They have soda and coffee, too.  Come on out on a Tuesday night at 7 P.M.  Meet folks from the church catholic (universal): Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and even some church-less.  Also, sometimes this really cool band plays there.  I think they call themselves "Tali M" or something.  They'll be there again on Friday, September 9.

I could go on and try to cover other great things happening at NKP, like Scouts, R.E.A.C.H., our community garden ministry, and much much more.  The best way to get involved is to just dive right in!  Go to and explore all that's happening.  Scroll down to the bottom and follow directions on how to get the weekly e-newsletter.

We want New Kirk Presbyterian to be THE place for church for you in Blythewood!

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