Thursday, January 12, 2017

Week of January 8, 2017

What has your 2017 been like so far?  It's strange how we make the shift (or at least I do) from the wind-down to a whole new coil almost overnight.  Were it not for college football championship games, the change might be too abrupt.  They signal the shift and make it gentle.

What do you want 2017 to be like?
Holding the 365-day-long coil, barely unraveled, this seems like a most-misplaced question.  This business of "coils": it's all in our minds anyways, right?  So we have ourselves a dilemma.

What's my role in the "likeness" of 2017?  If unwinding's your course, good luck with that.  Many factors outside of your...what did Stephen Covey call it?...oh yeah...outside your "circle of influence" are in play.  And, in my experience, that coil rotates only one direction with a click each moment that locks out any hope of rewinding.  Once out and exposed, the coil (the moment) is what ever it is--making the impetus, maybe, our awareness of or in some way our ability to see what was uncoiled (the moment) for what it really is.  Ironically, though we stand at the helm here; and the folds laugh at us in the light (Psalm 2).

There are other courses, probably.  Maybe we get tangled in the coil and barrel off spastic, fleeing the discomfort of our subjectivity, thus jerking the coils violently from the spool.  That's time spent anxiously unaware.  Keep running.  A new spool awaits in 2018.

For me in 2017, the coil will just have to be the coil.  I ain't toting it.  Curiously, I'm waiting to see what the coil does on its own.  Surely I don't captain the unwinding!

I watch and wait for the unseen.  That's my '17.

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