Thursday, March 30, 2017

Week of March 26, 2017

It is almost finished.  We completed Jesus Christ Superstar last night and once again engaged in dialogue.  Two questions drove discussion:

(1) When have we seen shifts and "aha" moments in these characters? and (2) What shifts or "aha" moments have we noticed in ourselves?  Such sharing of perspectives over the past weeks has enriched each person's experience of the movie, and every one walks away now with new insight for their journey with Christ this Lenten season.

WOW #5, the final WOW until fall, happens next week.  We'll meet at 5:30 P.M. for dinner and watch Jesus Christ Superstar in one sitting, beginning the movie around 5:45 P.M.  We won't dialogue before or after the film.  Just come and eat early.  Watch, revisiting how your faith has shifted in weeks prior.

Though our WOW cycle ends, we will meet the following week on Thursday for worship (April 13, 6:30 P.M.).  That week is Holy Week, and it is our tradition to worship on Maundy Thursday.  The service begins with scripture and the Lord's Supper, before we descend into the darkness of Good Friday during the Tenebre portion of the worship.  Come and prepare your hearts for Easter as we remember Christ's broken body and shed blood.

Thanks to all for journeying together.  We've lifted each heart along the way.  Wait upon the Lord now.  Believe where you cannot see.  Trust where you cannot know.

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