Monday, June 12, 2017

Week of June 11, 2017

Well, things are back to normal.  And I want to thank everybody for the well-wishes, cards, and wonderfully healing meals.  I'm not often a patient.  This latest health saga has shown me, however, that the ill one never suffers alone.  Those around him or her who really love and care probably suffer the most.  So we're most thankful for your support, church family.  All is well, and the health issue is now behind us.

On to more important matters, like taking a vacation the week after my week back from surgery.  Sorry about that.  The family vacation was planned, the surgery not so much.  So it's Monday, and I'm sitting eye-level with the Atlantic Ocean.  I'm reminded of a book given me by one of my current pastor mentors called Out of Solitude by Henri Nouwen.  While the beach is often a place of contemplation and relaxation, a beach vacation is different.  Sure, it's a welcomed retreat from all that's normal, but there's still much to be done in order to do nothing.  Nouwen reminds me to see the chaos and yet still find solitude.  Out of solitude comes those gifts of the Spirit we've often heard about.  But that works only if solitude is something which we carry around with us.  If God must bring order out of chaos, we should not imagine our serenity and peace has any other origin.

So I'm going to get back to my solitude amid all that is Myrtle Beach in June.  See you soon.

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