Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Week of September 17, 2017

You don't know something until you're knee deep in it. The compound word "understand" is another way of saying it. At least the mind goes to less smelly images when saying "understand" versus talk of being knee deep in something. But I guess it really depends on what it is we stand under.
Okay, I'm off point. Either way, being knee-deep or gaining understanding, both entail commitment. And that's why I bring it up.

All of life happens when we fully commit. This is what I mean by being knee deep or standing under. I've learned in my little experience that we have to be all in before things really start happening--or at least before we recognize things are happening. Looking back on my life, I realize commitment got me a wife, earned me college degrees, and put me in networks that made my vocational life possible. Looking sideways and forward, I see that commitment each day manifests in a step. That step paves a path with momentum and direction.

Commitment is where my initiative and determination meet. Toss in some passion, and life then obtains direction. Commitment makes sure, one way or another, that the job gets done; that we fully take the step.

Commitment is a daily thing at my new job. Problems of mammoth proportions rear their ugly heads. But, like worker ants, the company gets all in, knee deep in whatever intricacies happen to be, in order to understand and solve the issue. Our initiative must stay at its utmost always. It earns the pay by earning the work. And determination is fuel pumped from the refinery of that sense of a mission accomplished to the satisfaction of our customer.

Commitment is a daily thing in ministry as well. Sermon prep demands initiative. No passage of scripture seems ripe for the picking on the first read. It was drilled into me that God-talk is never taken lightly. No one should dare belittle the impossibility of humans engaging in talk of a holy, wholly-other-than-human God. Christ is our "missing link" to godhood. There's the gospel. Therefore, there's human talk of God. So determination kicks in to overcome human tendencies to give up and move on; to think God won't ever let me in on the message for the week. Determination helps me be still and know.

Enough about me. Sorry about that.

This stewardship season, think about your commitment to Christ and Christ's body upon earth--the church. Where do you see your initiative headed? Do you find the determination to see that direction through to completion? What does this say about the direction God moves you in his ministry? Are you ready to go knee deep; to understand; to be all in?

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